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Our Ladies day package is a group package for two or more people. As this voucher is for one person it is the perfect gift if you would like to surprise a friend or loved one to a day out with you. This voucher is for one person only.

The Ladies day package is for ladies to enjoy a few hours together to catch up, chat and take some time out to enjoy some precious moments with those close to you. Your package includes a 90 minute specialty spa treatment followed with some relaxing time in one of our outdoor areas where you will be left to enjoy each others company and take in the surroundings of our retreat.

Your specialty treatment will be our favourite Pure Serenity Spa treatment which will hit the senses and leave you all feeling refreshed and revitalised. Our Pure Serenity Spa treatment starts with a relaxing back massage which then flows into one of our JOI Pure organic facials. This treatment is a must to experience.

Package Includes,

  • Use of our private outdoor area for the duration of your package
  • 90 Minute specialty spa treatment for all parties.
  • Tea & Coffee with scones, jam, cream & some savoury snacks.

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