Swan Valley Retreat Breakfast

We provide a complimentary breakfast for all of our rooms so you can relax and sleep in without having to worry about filling your belly.

Our Merlot & Cabernet rooms receive our light complimentary breakfast which has been carefully chosen by us to tastefully settle your morning cravings. If you are staying in our Merlot or Cabernet room and would like something more grand, then you are welcome to upgrade to our large gourmet breakfast. If you wish to upgrade, please choose the gourmet breakfast extra when making your booking or let us know in the booking comments.

For guests staying in our Wine Barrel room, you will automatically receive our large gourmet breakfast each morning of your stay for no extra charge. You won't need to add the gourmet breakfast in as a booking extra.

Please ensure that you let us know about any special dietary requirements in the booking comments prior to your stay as we won't be able to make any changes once you have checked-in.

On rare occasions our selections may change slightly due to the availability of produce. We will always maintain the highest standard of quality for our food options.

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