Floatation Therapy

How many times did you look at your phone this hour? How many thoughts have flown through your mind this past minute? When was last time you checked in with your body? Do you even know how stressed you really are?

Discover a truly unique float experience with us a the Swan Valley Retreat. You will relax and float away in our state of the art Dreampod V2 Float Pod which has been designed by experts to ensure that your float is absolutely perfect.

After your float we will guide you to our outdoor cabin room overlooking our retreat for a truly magical and unique end to your float. We will then offer you a tea and leave you to be whilst you take in our peaceful surrounding and enjoy your post-float zen.

Our tank is available by appointment for guests of our retreat and also for casual visitors.

Book a float NOW by clicking the "BOOK NOW" button and then heading to our "Book Spa Treatment" section.

New To Floating?

On your first Float

There’s a chance your brain will go into overdrive. It’s your first time in a water pod, it’s warm, it’s salty and it’s a new environment. As a result, it’s alright to not last the full session in the float pod.

Your Second Float

The noise in your brain will slowly fade. You know the process now; you understand how it works and you’re more comfortable. This is when you start to feel the benefits and your whole-body drifts to a new level of relaxation.

Third Float

This is when you will completely allow yourself to relax and you experience the full effects of float therapy. Your brain will tune out; your body will feel like it’s floating on a cloud and you will be on your way to optimum mental and physical recovery.

Floating at the Swan Valley Retreat

Our retreat is built around relaxation and nature and has proved to be a hidden paradise within Perth city. We pride ourselves on the quality of the services that we provide to our visitors. Our floatation treatments are no exception. We have specially built our float studio around a state of the art Dreampod V2 float pod with nothing but providing the perfect float in mind.

We pay utmost attention to our water to make sure that it is the perfect buoyancy, cleanliness, temperature and feel so that your float is absolutely perfect. But it doesn't stop there; as our studio is specifically designed for floating we are also able to change our air temperature and humidity to ensure that our air and water are perfectly matched to your body.

After your float, we will take you to our private outdoor cabin room where you will be able to grab some tea, sit and chill, reflect, and enjoy your after float glow. There is no place like this in Perth!!

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Prices & Memberships

Please see our standard prices below. We are working on new variations and packages so if there is another combination of treatments that you would like to book then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with pricing option.

60 Minute Float

$ 79 60 Mins

90 Minute Float

$ 95 90 Mins

Sauna & 60 Minute Float Package

Before your float, you will spend 30 minutes in our luxurious Canadian red cedar barrel sauna. Sauna therapy helps to relax muscles, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins which enhance the benefits that you will be able to receive from your float therapy.
$ 110 90 Mins

For the avid floater... Please see our membership options below.

The 2/month and 4/month float memberships can be shared with friends and loved ones.

Your monthly credit won't expire if you unable to attend in a certain month. We also won't lock you into any memberships, you will be welcome to cancel anytime.

Please contact us for queries relating to memberships.


1 x 60 Minute Float Monthly Membership

$ 69 per float

2 x 60 Minute Floats Monthly Membership

$ 65 per float

4 x 60 Minute Floats Monthly Membership

$ 59 per float

How to get Started

BOOK. Bookings are made by clicking the BOOK NOW button and heading to our Spa Treatments booking section. Choose a day and time which works for you.

SHOW UP. Come about 10 minutes prior to your float and our friendly staff will familiarise you with floating at our retreat.

FLOAT. We will give you an introduction to floating and then leave you to enjoy your experience.

GLOW. After your float, rinse off the Epsom salts, get changed , head to our private outdoor cabin, grab some tea, sit and chill, reflect, and enjoy the after-float high.

The adventure starts here

We aim to bring you an unparalleled experience of serenity, peace, and comfort