Clay Treatment

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Thermal Full Body Deep Clay Mask

Our full body deep clay mask is an exclusive at the Swan Valley Retreat Spa. We utilise our hydrotherapy capsule to enhance the infusion of our enriched green clay into your skin. The treatment is completed in a three step process as outlined below.


The treatment begins with the application of our green clay which has been sourced for its purity and benefits. This rich, creamy formulation contains the highest quality lemon, lime, geranium and cedarwood essential oils combined with marine extracts to assist with detoxification of the body. The clay mask deeply penetrates to greatly improve the appearance of the skin and leave the body feeling firm, taunt and invigorated.

Fine pink Himalayan sea salt is then added to the deep clay mask. The pure salt revitalises the body with its 84 minerals and trace elements. This assists with the cellular absorption of nutrients on your skin replenish your body’s electrolytes and balance its pH levels. The salt also benefits your skin by exfoliating and removing old skin cells, leaving you with hydrated and silky smooth skin.

As the salt begins to blend with the clay you may feel your skin begin to tingle. This is a natural part of the infusion process.


Our treatment then uses steam generated from our hydrotherapy capsule. With you laying on our steam table, the capsule lid is closed and steam seeps up all around you. The steam cleanses the whole body whilst opening the skin's pores. This assists in your skin releasing stored toxins and allows the green clay to infuse deeply into the core of your skin.

Your body is lightly exfoliated by the therapist toward the end of the steam cycle.


The treatment is finished with a vichy rain shower. The vichy shower is a therapeutic water spray massage for the whole body. Synchronised warm and cool water droplets cascade across your body delivering a breathtaking sensation whilst replenishing your skin. During the shower, the clay will be gently and naturally washed off your body. After the shower is complete, small remnants of clay may remain on your body. In this case, the clay will be washed off by the therapist.

This experience will leave your skin glowing, firm and infinitely soft. You will feel cleansed and hydrated. Our treatment helps boost metabolism, speeds up the elimination of toxins and leaves you feeling energised.

* Due to the heat from the steam generated in our capsule this treatment is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with high blood pressure.

$145 60 Mins

Thermal Full Body Deep Clay Mask with Mini Facial Add On

For this mini facial our therapists will cleanse your skin with a gentle facial cleanser and apply an intensive hydrating mask to be left on the skin for the duration of the steam aromatherapy. The therapist will tone and apply a moisturiser best suited to your skins condition. This will leave you feeling like you are floating in heaven whilst also revitalising your skin, leaving it feeling fresh, hydrated and toned.

$165 60 Mins

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